6 tips on staying healthy during the colder months

Whether you’re looking to lean up, stay healthy, or get stronger. As the days grow shorter, mornings are colder, let's be honest staying in bed a little longer becomes much more tempting. Dark mornings make you want to do nothing but sleep in and the nights feel a lot cosier cuddled up on the couch devouring your favourite comfort food.

But girl, you’ve got goals to achieve and letting your health slide when it matters the most is not how you're going to get there. It's time to make sure that you stay consistent and keep yourself feeling great during the colder months. Here are some top tips on how to keep the healthy momentum going during winter, beat the blues, and not feel the need to push yourself through another grueling ‘summer shred,’ as October rolls around once again.

 1.  Switch up your meals

Make your meals accommodate the seasons, if you have been enjoying smoothies and salads, mix it up with warmer nourishing foods during the colder months such as oats, stirfrys, and soups. Mix up your fruits and vegetables for swapping for foods that are in season such as carrots, beets, cauliflower, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.

One of our favourite winter recipes on the Wednesday Cleanse Day Reset Plan is the Apple Crumble Oats:


1 apple

½ cup oats 

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder  

1 egg white 

½ cup almond milk 

Method: Mix together, almond milk, oats, egg white, and protein powder. Simmer on the stove or microwave for 3 minutes. Boil apple till soft. Serve together and top with cinnamon. 

Serves 1 

2.  Stay consistent with your sleeping routine

If you're a morning exerciser, getting up in the cold dark hours is only going to be harder, if you've kept yourself up to longer at night. Our bodies work extremely well on building a consistent internal circadian rhythm. Try to stick to a consistent sleeping routine where you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. While our bodies are resting, they are detoxing and replenishing, making sleep one of the most important things when it comes to your overall health.

3.  Know your why

It’s easy to give up on anything if you don’t have a strong enough reason not to. When things get tougher and the temptations to slip out of a healthy routine become easier, this is the moment that you need to dive deep within yourself and ask yourself why you have the health goals and plans you do? Look beyond the surface and truly understand what it means to stay healthy for you, and everything that means to you. Share your why with us on Insta by tagging us @wednesay.cleanse.day

 4.  Intermittent Fasting

The benefits of intermittent fasting are immense when it comes to overall health, inflammation, and longevity. Just like how we build a circadian rhythm with our sleeping, we can also do this with our eating patterns. Eating during a consistent time frame such as fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8, is a great way to stay on track, by giving your digestive system a routine, knowing exactly when it has to work and when it can rest and digest. And by giving it a healthy routine, you’ll be surprised by how much better it will work for you.

5.  Eat what you love

A healthy routine does not have to be a hard, boring, or dull one. You do not have to quit everything; in fact, we suggest that you don’t do that! Eliminating everything you love is not living your best life, which goes against everything that Wednesday Cleanse Day is about and stands for. By following our fasting recommendations, sipping in the benefits of our pink tonic, and making use of our nutritionally balanced meal plans – fit in a dose of your favourite treat here and there such as a square of chocolate or a glass of your favourite wine.

6.  Praise yourself

Girl, if you're out there looking after yourself in the best way possible, choosing healthy options, moving your body daily. Then make sure that you know about it, give yourself time to praise and love on yourself, even more, celebrate yourself! Find other ways in your day to reward your consistency and routine that doesn't involve food. Make sure however your fuelling and moving your body is done out of nothing but love for yourself girl, cause you’re amazing and you deserve it!!