At Home Workouts We Are Loving

When stuck at home in Isolation, it's easy to find ourselves making the majority of our daily steps to the fridge. Snacking, scrolling, and sleeping has been a routine in the majority of households – and we're putting our hands up to being guilty for it too! But we've committed to keeping our winter fit, strong and healthy even when gyms are closed, and our bods are staying heavily clothed.

We’ve put in the hard work for you, and we've found the best workouts for an at-home energy blast. We've rounded up the best apps, E-books, and Youtube channels - keeping us fit, healthy, and thriving ready for our post isolation summer. Sweat alongside us with these epic online at-home workouts.



Created by the Intermittent Fasting super couple Christ Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Patsy. Centr combines the couples favourite trainers’ and their best workouts from the comfort of your own home. We love Centr for the variety it provides. Centr has a range of workouts including HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, and MMA. If you're someone who needs a variety, Centr is your new go-to at-home workout app.

The app includes workouts from our fave fitness boss babes, Ashley Joi & Tiffany Hall. Single ladies stuck at home during the time of isolation, Centr can be like a hot date at home to roll out of bed and workout alongside the lovely Luke Zocchi, he is sure to get you nice and sweaty!

Download the app to trial for a free week – if you love it you can continue to work out with the whole squad for a monthly subscription of $30.

Ashy Bines Workout Queen

Australian fitness queen Ashy Bines has now made not only one but three workout apps! An easy download from your app store can get you Ashy Bines Squad, Ashy Bines Booty Challenge, and Ashy Bines Ab Challenger workouts all available to you from the click of your finger. Our favourite app 'Workout Queen' is a go-to for a range of female body weight at-home strength and cardio workouts. There is a new workout created every day, so you will never get bored and to be a member of the app is only $10 a month.


Sarah’s Day

Confessed holistic health princess Sarah's Day has created one hell of an epic workout ebook designed to get your body breaking a sweat within minutes. The E-Book 'Sweat It To Shred-it’ is a HIIT style 8-week program designed to completely transform your body. Team it up with some of our intermittent fasting habits, our pretty pink drink and you'll be leaving isolation like 'who dis?'

 Youtube & Instagram

Natacha Oceane

UK Fitness superstar Natacha Oceane is our go-to when we need a quick sweat with some fun bodyweight exercises. The best thing about her workouts is they are completely silent! So set up your laptop, yoga mat, put on your favourite beats, and work away to this boss babes hella' fun workouts.


For the pilates babe. The best way to get bendy and strong at home is alongside the Youtube superstar. Scroll through her extensive list of Mat Pilates workouts. You are sure to find one that targets the specific body parts you are trying to target. Create your pilates workouts within her youtube playlist by mashing a couple of her 10 minutes at home ab and booty blasts together.

Whitney Simmons

Here at Wednesday Cleanse Day, we love Whitney. Her energy, her positivity, her health philosophy. And right now, we're loving her for her free youtube & workouts! Whitney provides us with easy to follow along with workouts for any fitness level and focuses on strengthening and toning the full body evenly. If you love her as much as we do – Whitney too just launched her fitness app available on all app stores named, Alive.       

Krissy Cela

Owner of the Tone & Sculpt App, fitness boss babe – Krissy Cela has been working hard providing excellent at-home workouts for free to her 2.1M followers on Instagram. The easy to follow along with workouts that will both get you moving, your heart rate pumping and you’re booty and arms burning. Trust us we worked out alongside Krissy this morning!

Now you know where to get your body moving – Click here to check out our products and programs to get your body feeling fit and healthy from both the inside and out.