Everything you need to know about Jen Aniston's Diet & Exercise

Everything you need to know about Jen’s diet, exercise & intermittent fasting routine.

Absolute boss babe Jen Aniston is one of our go-to celebs for all thing’s health and fitness. Just turning 50, boasting her glowing skin and fit bod, we look to Jen for advice when we want to really rain in our nutrition and get ourselves feeling fabulous.

We believe Jen may know the secrets to the elixir of youth. We’ve dug deep into the Jen files to collate all her best health and fitness tips that she swears by to keep her bod rocking, energy and career thriving and her skin glowing.

Intermittent Fasting

Yep just like us, Jen swears by the 16:8 method of intermittent fasting. In an interview in 2019 on The Morning Show, Jen mentioned that the 16:8 method of intermittent fasting was part of her daily routine to keep her in shape and keep her energy thriving during busy workdays. The 16:8 method of intermittent fasting is eating within an 8-hour window for example between 12pm – 8pm and then continuing to fast for 16 hours.

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Nutrient dense foods

Jen loads her diet up with micronutrient rich foods eating a high variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Jen told Women’s Health in 2019 that she always makes sure she has a balance of vegetables within her diet and puts a high importance on getting her daily intake of dark leafy greens. Jen’s lunches and dinners are usually a mix of colourful vegetables with a source of protein.

Good Fats

Jen usually breaks her fast with a source of good fats, usually opting for a late breakfast of avocado and eggs. Rich in omega 3, 6, 9, good quality fat sources of food are great for skin, mood, satiety and Jen makes sure she has a good balance of healthy fats within each day. Jen opts for sources such as coconut oil, salmon and avocados.


Jen loves smoothies, as they are easy to whip up with her busy lifestyle whilst also getting a good wholesome nutrient dense meal. Jen shared her favourite smoothie recipe to Well + Good in 2019. It includes protein powder, banana, blueberries, cherries, maca powder, cacao and a mix of leafy greens.


Jen believes in having a good variety when it comes to her exercise routine to avoid getting bored and to keep her body guessing. One thing that she always likes to mix into her routine is boxing. Jen loves boxing for a great full body intense workout, but also to release any tension or aggression from her day. For Jen, boxing is a mental and physical workout.


Jen has been a practicing yogi for over 15 years! Jen makes yoga a part of her daily routine for her body, mind and when she is looking to trim down and tone, Jen adds cardio aspects of yoga into her practice.