Giselle Bundchen's go-to tips for a bangin' bod

Drop-dead gorgeous supermodel Gisele Bundchen incredibly is now 38. We think she looks younger, fitter, and healthier than ever!  We dug deep to find out what her go-to healthy tips were for her ageless look and bangin’ bod.

With a busy modelling career, a family, and an absolute hunky hubby, Gisele works hard to keep a balanced and healthy life.  Although in her book "Lessons" she admits she is ‘metabolically blessed’  and that in her earlier modelling days her diet consisted of cheeseburgers and cigarettes. However she's change her ways! To keep her skin glowing, and her body youthful, she attributes it to her lifestyle changes and the following healthy habits she lives by.

1/Eat Colourful & Organic

Gisele likes to eat a range of fruit and vegetables that are primarily organic and she eats what is in-season. Her go-to meals include a mixed vegetable soup, colourful salads, fresh juices and she loves the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric and ginger adding both spices into the foods she eats.

2/ Intermittent Fasting

Gisele is a fan of intermittent fasting and she follows the 16:8 method two times a week. Gisele loves to do this to reset her metabolism and give her digestive system a break. Gisele says that her metabolism has slowed as she has gotten older and this has helped combat it.

3/ Predominately Plant-Based

Gisele's diet is mostly plant-based. She eats minimal meat and dairy and keeps her diet rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and legumes, following a complete wholefood diet. Gisele says her plant-based diet is 80/20. 80% vegetables and 20% meat.

4/ Yoga & Pilates

Gisele loves a daily yoga or Pilates workout. She loves the benefits of meditation and mantras that she includes in her daily sun salutations. If Gisele feels like something a little more supercharged she will switch her yoga practice into a Pilates routine.

5/ Boxing

Gisele mixes up her yoga and Pilates with intense boxing or MMA workouts. Gisele loves these workouts for the mix of strength and cardio all at once!  Gisele loves the workouts for the added benefit of stress release after a busy scheduled day.

6/ Surfing

Gisele spends most of her time in Boston, due to her hunky hub's, Tom Brady NFL, schedule. But anytime that her family gets a holiday to the beach, Gisele opts for her workout in the water and loves a regular surf.