24 Hour Body & Beauty Reset


Want to say 'bye, bye bloat'?  We hear you gorgeous! There are so many more reasons to give your body a day of self-love though.

While you're sipping away on our pretty pink tonic, packed full of amazing natural ingredients including collagen here's what will happen while you fast for 24 hours:

  • Your body flips a switch to burn more calories
  • Human Growth Hormone increases which assists in muscle and bone growth
  • Your glucagon relaxes which balances blood sugar 
  • Fat burning gets amped up 
  • Your body goes into a process to remove anything unnecessary/dysfunctional from cells, like a spring clean

It’s actually so much more than losing the bloat!

Ready for a quick reset? Get it now. 

YOUR ORDER INCLUDES:  1 box of Wednesday Cleanse Day (5 sachets total) + Instructions +  Free Standard Shipping (Express Shipping just $5.95) + our cute Rose Gold Straw

6pm to 6pm Method* 

  • Eat your last meal before 6pm on, let's say, a Tuesday. 
  • You can drink water or tea until bedtime.
  • On Wednesday simply replace meals and snacks with our pretty pink tonic.  
  • Drink lots of extra water as well to really flush out your system.
  • If you want tea or a coffee then go for it but make it black. 
  • At 6pm Wednesday your cleanse is officially done and it's time for a light meal.

*You'll have fasted for 24 hours and 1/3 of that will have been sleeping. Too easy! Also any 24 hour period or day will do. We just like Wednesday because there's usually not much on and we are not ones for missing out. 

    Our delicious pretty pink tonic is all natural and full of amazing ingredients.

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