3 Day Healthy Reset or Event Prep


Got some health goals that you want to kickstart lovely?  Or have an event coming up that you want to absolutely glow for? You're in the right spot gorgeous!

While you're sipping away on our pretty pink tonic, packed full of amazing natural ingredients, including collagen, designed to get you through, here's what will happen while you fast:

  • Your body flips a switch to burn more calories
  • Human Growth Hormone increases which assists in muscle and bone growth
  • Your glucagon relaxes which balances blood sugar 
  • Fat burning gets amped up 
  • Your body goes into a process to remove anything unnecessary/dysfunctional from cells, like a spring clean

    We like to start our 3 Day Reset on a Wednesday and finish up on Friday at 5pm in time for the weekend. 

    Need this in your life like yesterday? Keep clicking to get yours. 

    YOUR ORDER INCLUDES:  3 boxes of Wednesday Cleanse Day (15 sachets total) + Instructions + Free Express Shipping + our cute Rose Gold Straw


    It's simple and really only 2.5 days
    • Start on a Wednesday and finish up at 5pm on Friday in time for a light dinner...and maybe even a drink *wink wink*
    • Replace meals and snacks with our yummy pretty pink tonic. 
    • Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well. 
    • If you must have a coffee or tea (we totally get it!) then make it black and just one per day. 
    • If you're hungry we suggest you eat 2 cups of raw or slightly cooked green vegetables, any or every day. 
    • Try to do some other self care activities such as a walk, face mask or bath and try to get to bed each night before 10pm. Except Friday of course. 
    Our delicious pretty pink tonic is all natural and full of amazing ingredients.

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