24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset

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This is the perfect quick reset to feel light and lifted and find your every day glow, both inside and out.  Our nutrient-packed tonic has been formulated with natural soothing ingredients to support you throughout the 24 hour reset to get you feeling brand new again.

A perfect ritual to incorporate into an ongoing weekly routine or to do as a one off reset when you need to.  Also a perfect package to try if you are new to fasting processes as we have simplified the process for you.

You'll Receive: 5 sachets of the nutrient-packed tonic to sip over a 24 hour period + Cute Rose Gold Straw (while supplies last).

Did you know: Fasting, even for just 24 hours sets off these scientifically proven benefits:

You’ll also love that:

The 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset is perfect to reset super fast and beat bloat, especially after too many days of not-so-healthy habits.  It can also be used once a week for the 6:1 method of intermittent fasting where you eat as usual 6 out of 7 days and one full day a week you will fast.
  •  For a 24 hour (one day) cleanse use all sachets supplied during the day. 
  • Mix well with 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of water, drink immediately. 
  • Consume no more than 5 sachets per day. 
  • The pack contains 5 sachets

Example for a 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset - The 6pm to 6pm Method*: ·

  • Eat your last meal before 6pm on a Tuesday (or you choose whatever day works best for you). 
  • You can drink water or black tea until bedtime.
  • On Wednesday drink our pretty pink tonic through the day. 
  • Drink lots of extra water as well to really flush out your system.
  • At 6pm Wednesday you have completed your 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset and it's time for a healthy dinner.
*You'll have fasted for 24 hours and 1/3 of that will have been sleeping. Any 24 hour period or day will do. We just like Wednesday because it's mid-week and a reminder to make time for you plus we love going into the weekend feeling brand new again.

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    1. This product is not intended for use by pregnant/nursing women.
    2. If you are taking medications, or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.
    3. Our tonic is meant to be consumed while you are fasting. It will keep you feeling full and give you energy, without breaking your fast.
    4. With only 10 calories per sachet this won't break your fast. You can have up to 50 calories and remain in a fasted state.
    5. Yes, you definitely can have black coffee or tea while fasting! You can also have unlimited herbal teas.
    6. Our pretty pink tonic is made in Melbourne, Australia with good recognisable ingredients.
    7. Wednesday Cleanse Day is gluten free.
    8. Wednesday Cleanse Day is dairy free.