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    Tips for Getting Back into a Routine from Champion IronWoman Courtney Hancock


    Courtney Hancock, champion Ironwoman and Wednesday Cleanse Day ambassador, shares some tips and motivation ideas for getting back into a routine after a break. Whether you have been on holiday, been ill or just sidetracked by life, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things but don't give up,  check out Courtney's great tips and you will be back into that routine in no time! 

    From Courtney:

    Getting back into a routine is always tough coming off a competition season, sometimes it can just take a few little changes to start to feel like you are winning at getting your groove back. Being an Ironwoman for the last 17 years I have always had to keep my body moving and not go too crazy on the off season but there is still a slowing down with less focus on a training routine.

    Below are a few of my tips that I feel will help you reboot and shake off any negative energy getting back to your fitness routine 😊

    • Before starting any training give yourself a cleanse to detox your body but mentally too. Enjoy giving your body and mind a complete opportunity to slow down. My favourite way to reboot is the 3 day reset cleanse by Wednesday Cleanse Day.
    •  Create small goals for yourself too. Go to bed half an hour earlier so I can wake up with the sun, drink more water, call a friend everyday on the way to work. Have little goals along your way as these goals will lead you to your big goals.  A question I like to ask myself every year is why do I want to be healthy? So I can live a longer and happier life.
    •  Water, there is something about water that really does cleanse the soul. You don’t have to be a water baby to appreciate the beautiful affects of water. Take a bath twice a week, take a cold shower each morning (it sounds horrible) but there have been studies shown that doing this makes you more motivated to take on the day and I promise you feel amazing afterwards. And if you are a water baby after your run, Pilates take a swim in the ocean. I notice the days I don’t go into the ocean and I don’t feel as calm and also my skin is much clearer and glowy when I have my ocean dip each day.
    •  Move how you love to!!! There is no point signing up for a class or group that you don’t enjoy doing. Do movement that you love and makes you feel good about yourself. We all have something, make an effort to find it, then appreciate it, hold onto it and make it your happy thing you do for yourself.
    This connects back to goal setting and to have a purpose for what you are doing and a why. If you have this, those early, dark and cold mornings will seem so much warmer when you have your purpose for getting up each day.


    Love Courtney xx