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    •  For a 24 hour (one day) cleanse use all sachets supplied during the day. 
    • Mix well with 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of water, drink immediately. 
    • Consume no more than 5 sachets per day. 
    • The pack contains 5 sachets

    Example for a 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset - The 6pm to 6pm Method*: ·

    • Eat your last meal before 6pm on a Tuesday (or you choose whatever day works best for you). 
    • You can drink water or black tea until bedtime.
    • On Wednesday drink our pretty pink tonic through the day. 
    • Drink lots of extra water as well to really flush out your system.
    • At 6pm Wednesday you have completed your 24 Hour Body + Beauty Reset and it's time for a healthy dinner.
    *You'll have fasted for 24 hours and 1/3 of that will have been sleeping. Any 24 hour period or day will do. We just like Wednesday because it's mid-week and a reminder to make time for you plus we love going into the weekend feeling brand new again.