3 Day Reset (Plus FREE Nutrition Plan Worth $19)

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Looking our best starts from the inside, whether you have an event in mind or want to experience the feeling of being restored and ready to take on the every day.

Our nutrient-packed tonic is formulated to provide you with support during a 3 Day Reset which will help you to feel less bloated and find your glow again for an event or for the every day.  Cleverly our 3 Day Reset is actually only 2.5 days, see the ‘How To Use’ section for full details.  But you can start on a Wednesday (or whatever day suits you best) and be finished by dinner time on Friday to take on the weekend.

The 3 Day Reset also comes with a FREE nutrition plan if you want to incorporate healthy meal options into the package as an alternative to following a fasting process.

You'll Receive: 15 Sachets (5 for each day) + Free Nutrition Plan (worth $19) + Cute Rose Gold Straw (while supplies last) + FREE Shipping Australia-wide

Did you know:  Short fasting periods set off these scientifically proven benefits:

You’ll also love that:
The 3 Day Reset package comes with a FREE 3 Day Reset Nutrition Plan worth $19. Written by an approved nutritionist and designed to get you glowing, it's sent to you by email so you can be ready when your order arrives.
  • Start on a Wednesday and finish up at 5pm on Friday in time for a light dinner (or start on whichever day best suits you).
  • Drink 5 sachets of Wednesday Cleanse Day each day while you are fasting.
  • Mix well with 250 ml/8.5 fl oz of water, drink immediately.
  • Drink lots of extra water as well to really flush out your system.
  • Consume no more than 5 sachets per day.
  • The pack contains 15 sachets.

It's simple and really only 2.5 days: · Start on a Wednesday and finish up at 5pm on Friday in time for a light dinner (or you choose whatever day works best for you to start).

  • Drink 5 sachets of our pretty pink tonic throughout the 3 days.
  • Drink lots of extra water as well to really flush out your system.
  • If you're hungry we suggest you eat 2 cups of raw or slightly cooked green vegetables, any or every day OR if you are new to cleansing and fasting and would rather start with the 3 Day Reset and a nutrition plan you can follow the 3 Day Reset Nutrition Plan supplied.
  • Try to use the time on the 3 Day Reset to do other self care activities such as go for a walk, pamper yourself with a face mask or bath and try to get to bed each night before 10pm.

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  1. This product is not intended for use by pregnant/nursing women.
  2. If you are taking medications, or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.
  3. Our tonic is meant to be consumed while you are fasting. It will keep you feeling full and give you energy, without breaking your fast.
  4. With only 10 calories per sachet this won't break your fast. You can have up to 50 calories and remain in a fasted state.
  5. Yes, you definitely can have black coffee or tea while fasting! You can also have unlimited herbal teas.
  6. Our pretty pink tonic is made in Melbourne, Australia with good recognisable ingredients.
  7. Wednesday Cleanse Day is gluten free.
  8. Wednesday Cleanse Day is dairy free.